Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Archive: March 2014
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How can parents create a language-rich environment and build language connections?  Though the first three years are critical, it is important throughout childhood. Here are some practical tips, condensed from my new book! • Read to your child every day, including your infant. Around 6 weeks of age a baby’s field of vision expands to […]

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Popular advertising would have you believe that knowing letters, numbers, colors, sounds and shapes is the essence of school readiness. Look at the racks of every discount and bookstore in America and you will find workbooks proclaiming to teach “readiness skills.” Look at the walls of typical preschool and kindergarten classrooms. They are adorned with […]

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Any parent, teacher, or caregiver in an early childhood environment is familiar with the potential challenges that transitions present throughout the day It is often at the point of a transition that children display challenging behaviors. Why are transitions difficult for children and what can teachers and caregivers do to help children manage transitions well? […]