Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Category: Adoption & Foster Care

Podcast #8:  Attachment is my absolute favorite topic – because it can change your family! In previous episodes, we spoke about the topic in general. Today we’re talking about “insecure  attachment” and discuss the signs.    Listen here:  OR – Listen and subscribe in  iTunes  or  Stitcher We love hearing from you!  Please feel free to […]

Nurturing your child begins and ends in trust.   Trust is the ultimate foundation upon which the parent-child relationship is built. “Attachment” and trust go hand-in-hand—they’re really two sides of the same coin!   While the essence of attachment is the mutual delight experienced in the parent-child relationship—the essence of trust is freedom from fear […]

I was listening to a talk show host interview a mom about her new book on parenting. This mom has three grown children, one of whom was recently killed in Afghanistan serving as a Navy Seal. She attributed the success of her children to the fact that she raised them to be “strong and independent.” […]