Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
Category: Spiritual Development

Over the holidays I have had the opportunity to participate in Advent celebrations in churches of different faiths.  I am always curious to observe how churches include or exclude children in the life of the church because it says something about how they view the spiritual growth and development of little ones.  In one church […]

One of my favorite stories as a kid was Chicken Little.  Lately, I have been feeling a lot like Henny Penny, the main character in the story, who declares the sky is falling but her warning falls on deaf ears.  Like Henny Penny, I believe the sky is falling with regard to our children.  We […]

Mom and child gazing

I believe the study of human development is a glimpse into the mind of God. I love digging deep into scientific research as it relates to human development.  Reading about the intricacies of brain development and the biological and psychological unfolding of human life is as much of a worshipful experience for me as sitting […]