Nurturing the Heart of a Child.
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In this episode, we continue our study on how technology effects children by looking at how it impacts them emotionally and psychologically.  We will explore the addiction process and look specifically at the detrimental effects of video games.  Find Nurturing the Heart of a Child Podcast wherever you get your podcasts!

Today we launched season two of Nurturing the Heart of a Child!  We are so excited to be venturing into a new season of our podcast and we have lots of interesting and important material to cover this season.  We will be starting with a study on technology and how it effects children.  We know […]

Podcast #4:  The way we view our children has a profound impact on how we parent  – and respond to our children. This episode begins to expose some popular views our culture holds of children, which can be extremely detrimental. We discuss the lies – and then share the truth – about children that can […]